Sonoma County Genealogical Society Newsletter

The members of the Sonoma County Genealogical Society are so lucky to have the award-winning monthly newsletter prepared by Cindy Brennan. For many years now she has created an interesting and informative article each month, including many helpful web links, as well as keeping us up to date on all the upcoming events. Thank you Cindy for such a great publication!

Following is a list of the monthly articles showing when each was published. Members can access each issue in the Archives in the Member Only section.

2011 Jan Stones and Symbols - Grave Markers
2011 Apr Newspaper Research in Santa Rosa
2011 Sep The Federal Census Revisited
2011 Nov Marriage in America
2011 Dec Tips for Budding Genealogists
2012 Feb Finding Family History in the Midst of a Disaster
2012 May WWII and Korean Conflict Veterans of Sonoma County
2012 June Diseases of Days Gone By
2012 Sep Records from Ivory Towers
2012 Oct The Ones Who Changed Our Lives - Beyond Passenger Lists
2012 Nov Finding Your Ancestral Black Sheep
2012 Dec Techniques Used in Researching a New Immigrant
2013 Jan A Library For All Seasons - The Library of Congress
2013 Feb Colds and Flues - What Did Your Ancestors Do?
2013 Mar The Mystery of "Y" in Somme, Picardy, France
2013 Apr The Ties That Bind - Exploring Genograms
2013 May Multigenerational Society - Exploring Generations
2013 June California's Great Registers
2013 Sep Emigrant Guides
2013 Oct Crime and Punishments in Early America
2013 Nov Spinkled or Dunked - Religious Practices
2013 Dec Tweenies, Snobcats and Beesom Makers - Exploring Your Ancestor's Occupations
2014 Sep Finding Your Family in Military Records
2014 Oct Weather and Your Ancestor
2014 Nov Engaging the Next Generation
2014 Dec Indentures and Convicts
2015 Jan New Year’s Resolutions
2015 Feb Love, American Style: Marriage Customs in the new Colonies
2015 Mar Were Pets a Part of Your Family History?
2015 Apr American Internment Camps
2015 May America’s Favorite Hobby - Baseball
2015 Jun Facial Expressions
2015 Jul Unexpected Outcomes – Unique Cousin Discoveries
2015 Aug Come out come out wherever you are. Finding women in clubs and organizations. 
2015 Sep School Days of Our Ancestors
2015 Oct Coaxing Stories from your Ancestors
2015 Nov Suffering for The Right to Vote
2015 Dec Postcards – Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful!
2016 Jan Insanity and Asylums - Facing Difficult Discoveries
2016 Feb Automobiles and Your Ancestors
2016 Mar You are Free to Move About the Earth – Passports 
2016 Apr Using Landmarks and Markers to Create Historical Context
2016 May Was it Coincidence, Intervention or Serendipity?
2016 Jun Left Alone – Finding Orphan’s Records
2016 Jul Down on the Farm
2016 Aug Ancestral Undergarments
2016 Sep Searching for Your Inner Pioneer Spirit
2016 Oct Googling Your Geezers
2016 Nov Politics and Your Ancestors
2016 Dec More Than Just Dirt – Finding Land Records
2017 Jan A Toast to Our Ancestors
2017 Feb Hats Off to Our Ancestors
2017 Mar Secret Societies
2017 Apr Through the Eyes of our Grandparents - WWI
2017 May Mr. Manley - By Virginia Hershey
2017 Jun Did Your Ancestors Find Utopia? 
2017 Jul Margie’s Story by Annie Connolly
2017 Aug My Grandma and Me
2017 Sep My Friend the Census
2017 Oct Salem Witch Trials - Witch, Judge or Accused?
2017 Nov Caring for Our Present and Past
2017 Dec Finding Your Ancestors in the Poor/Indigent Records
2018 Jan Ringing In the New Year with Our Ancestors
2018 Feb Remember Me: Footprints from the Holocaust 
2018 Mar A Horse Named Charley – Wills/Probate
2018 Apr Using Images to Elevate Your Genealogy
2018 May Secrets in City Directories
2018 Jun Working Girls
2018 Jul Unexpected Surprises in College Newsletters
2018 Aug Life in the Gangster Era – 1920’s
2018 Sep Gone But Never Forgotten: Using Funeral Cards
2018 Oct Journey Home: Ray Basch
2018 Nov Ghost Town Ancestors
2018 Dec Shopping: Life Before Amazon
2019 Jan Native American Research
2019 Feb Using Atlases and Town Histories
2019 Mar Beyond the Grave: Using Death Certificates
2019 Apr Unlocking the Treasures at the National Archives
2019  May  Your Secrets are Safe with Me: Diaries & Journals
Jun Ancestral Pride: Researching Our Gay Ancestors
2019JulThe Robbers-A true “a la Anne“ story about the Besch folk in America
2019Aug Let Your Hair Down with Your Ancestors
2019 Sep Bringin’ Home the Bacon: Researching Your German Farmers

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