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July 2024

 The Rural Cemetery & the Archives by Eve Goldberg  

https://eve-goldberg.com/  Eve’s  website has links to all her great videos.

https://www.srcity.org/1080/Tours-Events The Rural Cemetery website lists for events, video vignettes from the popular Lamplighter Tour, and connections with other information.

https://www.socoarchives.org/ Advocates for the Sonoma County Archives is co-chaired by Lynn Downey and Katherine Rinehart, the former librarian at the Annex. Their website discusses the history of the Archives and the ongoing struggle to find an appropriate home for this important collection. There are also links to their partner groups.

https://digital.sonomalibrary.org/archival-collections The Sonoma County History and Genealogy Library staff manage the Sonoma County Library Archives, and this link connects to several resources for local archive collections.

https://sonomacounty.ca.gov/administrative-support-and-fiscal-services/clerk-recorder-assessor-registrar-of-voters/historical-records-commission The Historical Records Commission members are  appointed by the Board of Supervisors, from the following areas: county government, library services, academic professional historian, community history, genealogical research, business/professions, and records manager/archivist.

https://events.sonomalibrary.org/events/month/2024/08?program_types%5B306%5D=306 Zayda mentioned how to make appointments for the Memory Playback Lab.

Reclaiming the Records - monthly meeting October 2020, with Brooke Schreier Ganz For her handout, click HERE.

Finding your French-Canadian Ancestors FAST - monthly meeting February 2020, with Claire Miller. For her handout, click HERE.

Genetic Genealogy 101 - monthly meeting September 2019, with Michael Cooley. 

He mentioned that his website has a copy of the SLIDES and a copy of the HANDOUTS.

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