Missed the meeting?   Forgot to get the handout?    Lost your notes?

Here are links to information about some of the favorite meetings.  

If you are a member of SCGS, there are more handouts available in the MEMBERS ONLY section!

Please remember that these publications are copyrighted by the authors, so do not distribute them.

Reclaiming the Records - monthly meeting October 2020, with Brooke Schreier Ganz For her handout, click HERE.

Finding your French-Canadian Ancestors FAST - monthly meeting February 2020, with Claire Miller. For her handout, click HERE.

SOS for a Photo Mess - monthly meeting January 2020, with Micki Jones. For her handout and a link to the  backprint chronology of Kodak color prints, click HERE.

Genetic Genealogy 101 - monthly meeting September 2019, with Michael Cooley. 

He mentioned that his website has a copy of the SLIDES and a copy of the HANDOUTS.

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