Homestead Declarations

(c) Sonoma County Genealogical Society

Applicant and Family Information

Uhl, Felix, married

Ulberg, Henry O.; wife

Ullrich, Geo.; Elizabeth (Geo. 12/6/1895, F-356, probate,; 6/27/1895, H-237)

Ulrich, Jacob; Hannah

Ungewitter, Mary; H. W.

Unwiller, Lavinia, widow of Wm. M.; 1 dau. Edna May

Upson, Julia; Chas.

Upson, Madeg P.; Chas.

Ure, S. A.; Chas. S.

Urton, Sarah L.; John H.

Urton, William L., married

Ury, Mary E.; J. G.