Homestead Declarations

(c) Sonoma County Genealogical Society

Applicant and Family Information

Cadden, Thomas; wife

Cadwell, A.; wife (I-65)

Cain, M. J., Mrs., widow

Caldeira, Maria; Manuel S. A.

Calder, Ethel R.; husband, Geo. W.

Calder, Sarah A., Mrs.; Alexander, dec’d., probate (8 Feb. 1889, D-474)

Caldwell, A. J., head of family

Caldwell, F. M., married

Call, William L., head of family; mother; sister & sister's children, 4

Callahan, Ellen J.; John

Camm, William; wife, Hannah (F-182)

Camp, Eliza J.; Guy R. (G-236)

Campau, Louise H.; George

Campbell, H. R.; wife, Bessie Wyman Campbell

Campbell, Henry, wife

Campbell, James; Sarah E.

Campbell, John W.; Matilda C.

Campbell, Joseph, wife

Campbell, Matilda L.; husband, John

Campbell, Talbert T., married

Campion, Thomas, widower

Camron, David E.; minor brothers: Alva O.; William W.

Canan, W. S.; H. E.

Canan, Wm. S.; wife, Mary A.

Cane, Wm.; widower; child

Caneveri, Giovanni, widower; 5 children; wife, d. Sept. 1903

Canfield, Wm. D.; Sally Ann

Cannon, John M., married

Cannon, Mary Ann, widow

Cantoni, Augustina; Romeo

Capell, Sarah A.; B. B.

Capra, Rosa; Chas.

Capucetti, L. A.; wife (I-326; G-181)

Cardana, Katie; John

Carder, D. D.; Mary C. (B-189)

Cardinet, Adolph, widower

Cardoza, F. J.; wife

Carey, C., Mrs., widow

Carey, James C.; wife

Carico, Effie; J. W., Dr.

Carithers, Mary E.; David N.

Carlson, Amanda; husband, Albin

Carlson, Katherine C.; Wm., a widower

Carlton, Columbus; Nellie H.

Carlyon Eliz. J.; Thos.

Carothers, William O., married

Carr, Alice P.; Chas. F.

Carriger, C. C., insolvent debtor, probate

Carriger, Kate, Mrs., head of family, unmarried; sister, Nellie C. O’Brien

Carriger, Lizzie J.; Caleb

Carriger, Mary A.; Nicholas

Carrillo, Elizabeth Meyer; husband, Manuel, dec;d; 3 minor children; m. 20 Dec. 1894, Sonoma Co.; Manuel, d. 14 July 1906

Carrillo, Joaquin N.; wife, Guadalupe

Carrillo, Joaquin, married

Carrillo, Joaquin; Mary (D-93; F-596; E-312)

Carrillo, Julio; Theodaco

Carrillo, Martha; Jose; J. B.

Carrillo, Mary E.; H. G.

Carrillo, Nellie I.; Lee Arthur

Carrillo, Theodosia; Julio

Carrington, Lola E.; Bartine

Carrington, Mary E.; Chas. N.

Carrington, Paul T.; Clara D.

Carson, Dorothy E., married

Carson, Robert W.; Mary A.

Carswell, Harriet L.; Geo. W. (H-17)

Carter, Ellen; husband, John A.

Carter, Esther N.; L. W.

Carter, Harriet E., married

Carter, J. W.; wife

Carter, John M.; wife

Carter, Landon; Susan (A-626)

Carter, O. W.; married; family

Cartwright, Helen; Chas. F.

Cary, Frank L.; wife

Case, Adelaide L.; G. W.

Case, Austin B.; Harriet

Caselli, Antonio; Clotilde (saloon in Freestone)

Casey, Aileen L.; Hiram E.

Casey, Julia A.; Levy J.

Casey, Kate, widow of Jeremiah/Jerry, d. 9 Apr. 1895;

  homestead applied for 22 Nov. 1872 (B-609)

Cassagnes, Auguste; Virginie

Casseris, Elise, Mrs.; husband, Francisco

Cassidy, J. W.; wife, L. L. (A-215)

Casson, E. T.; wife, Florence M. (L-441)

Castex, Constance; husband, Andrew; 2 children

Catelani, Mary; Leonoro

Catlin, Elon, married

Catron, William C.; Elizabeth (B-381)

Caulfield, Thomas, married

Cavanagh, Catharine,; husband, Joseph

Caverly, Orin; wife

Cerri, Rosa; Romeo

Chadbourne, Josephine M.; S. W.

Chadd, George H., unmarried; 2 minor children

Challen, Joseph; Auguste Laal Challen

Chamberlain, Corinthia A.; Albert F.

Chamberlain, J. R.; Luella

Chambers, Paulina; husband, G. K.

Chambers, Thomas; wife, Hannah

Champion, Mary A.; John

Champlain, Margaret, married

Chandler, Alice C.; Rollon O.

Chaney, Thomas, widower

Chapman, Elizabeth; W. W.

Chartrand, Mary E.; A. E.

Chase, Charlote, unmarried

Chase, Dudley; Sarah G.

Chase, Ina E.; C. F.

Chase, Martha E.

Cheda, Pietro; wife

Cheeney, Edward H.; Sarah; (Edw. d. 6 Jul. 1889; probate;


Chelini, Lucia; husband, A.; 3 minor children

Cheney, Lillie M.; Thos. H.

Chenoweth, James M.; wife

Chenoweth, Miles H., unmarried

Chiappari, Joseph; Catherine

Childers, Alonzo, married (C-55; D-281; D-70)

Childers, Spencer, married

Chiles, Alda W.; Wm. G.

Chiotti, Tilly; husband, James

Chisholm, Annie C.; Wm.

Christiansen, C. P.; Theresa A.

Christianson, Carl

Christianson, H. B., widower

Christie, John B., married

Christlich, Henrietta; (Frederick dec’d., probate)

Church, Cynthia J.; Samuel H.

Church, Grace D.; A. P.

Churchman, Wm.; 1 daughter over 18; 2 sons, 2 daughters, minors (B-386; C-81)

Churchman, Wm.; Martha M. (B-274)

Clanton, David C.; wife

Clapp, Ruth Ann; husband, George H., Dr.

Clark, Albert; wife, Mary Jane

Clark, Annie; John Alexander

Clark, Antoinette Hill, now unmarried; one child

Clark, Bessie K.; James E.

Clark, Byron; wife

Clark, Emma L.; W. L.

Clark, Ethel

Clark, Fannie L.; husband

Clark, Fannie E., head of family; 2 minor children (E-327) husband dec’d.

Clark, Frances U.; Wm. S., dec’d., probate

Clark, Frederick W.; Margaret E.; Estelle; Gertrude

Clark, James L., married

Clark, James H. H., Mrs.; wife of

Clark, John E.; wife, Nancy; 2 children

Clark, Marinda Jennette; Stephen D.

Clark, Mary; Michael

Clark, Mary; husband; 4 children (F-167)

Clark, Patrick; wife, Rosa Ann

Clark, W. L.; wife

Clary, Christie Temple; Paul D.

Clary, John A.; Isabella D.

Clemens, F. H.; Mary

Clement, Gilbert H.; Emily M.

Clements, Annie; Mathew (L-426)

Clippinger, Levo E.; wife, Grover C.

Clough, Julia M., widow of M. A.

Cnopius, Johan, married

Cobb, Guy L.; wife, Cynthia Cobb

Cobb, Jessie Haskell; husband, George O.

Coburn, W. R., married

Cockrill, Martha D.; Bruce T.

Codding, G. R., married (D-179)

Codding, M. M., Mrs.; Geo. R., dec’d.

Cody, Matthew; wife

Cofer, George W.; Nancy

Cofer, P. J., Mrs., married

Coffey, America Ellen; Jas. H.

Coffey, Chas. H.; Maggie C.

Coffey, J. H.; wife

Coffey, Nellie; Sam'l A.

Coffey, S. A.; Nellie

Cohn, Isaac H., married

Cole, Charles B.; wife

Cole, Emily M.; Henry L.

Cole, Grace; Isaac T.

Cole, Mary E.; A. C.

Cole, Priscilla; J. H.

Cole, S. A., Mrs., widow, head of family

Coleman, Elena E.; James

Colgan, Bertha; A. L.

Colgan, Mollie E., Edward P.

Colli, Domenico; Ernestine

Collings, Louisa A.; A. F.

Collins, Alice L.; Charles S.

Collins, Barbara Ann; husband, George

Collins, James W.; Mary

Collins, Mary B.; J. W.

Collins, Stephen, single

Collister, Stanley W.; wife

Colson, Marie; John

Colton, F. D.; Submit

Colton, Lois A.; Joseph P.

Colvin, Thomas S.; married

Colwell, Caroline E.; husband, Edwin B. (E-334)

Colwell, Charlotte A.; Harry C.

Comerford, Richard; Sarah, probate

Commary, Prudent; Julia A. Burleson Commary (B-206)

Commins, Edward, head of family

Compere, Mary, widow of Iowa A.

Compton, Emma L.; Theodore J.

Congrove, Jonathan; Mary A.

Congrove, Lucy J.; J.

Conklin, Charles; wife

Conlan, Amelia; Wm.

Conniff, John; Bridget (E-558; F-278)

Conniff, T. E.; Josephine

Connolly, Bernard J.; wife

Connolly, John D.; Georgina G.

Connolly, M. W., married

Connolly, M. W., single, insolvent

Connolly, Minnie A.; husband

Connor, Judith E.; E. P.

Conroy, Margaret; Peter

Consani, Cristina; Alfredo

Conway, John, married

Cook, Barbara F.; husband, James

Cook, Basha P,; Isaac Newton

Cook, Carrie L.; C. H.

Cook, Eliza; Isaac F.

Cook, G. A., married

Cook, George M.; wife, Mary Ann

Cook, Herbert E.; Susan (D-198)

Cook, James H.

Cook, John; Margaret (B-348; D-271)

Cook, Kathryn M.; C. C.

Cook, Mary Jane; Israel/Isarel

Cook, Pearl M.; Fred B.

Cook, Rebecca; Thos. G.

Cook, Richard; Louise

Coolbroth, S. W.; wife

Cooley, J. S.; wife, Sarah (F-226; M-72)

Coon, Hannah A. nee Norris; P. C.

Coon, Lydia A., Mrs.; Robt. W.

Coon, Mary E.; L. O.

Cooper, Betsy M., Mrs.; husband, H. H. (B-235)

Cooper, Fannie Josephine; Thomas S.

Cooper, Hannah, widow; Guy, Hazel, minors; John, intestate


Cooper, Lizzie; Thos. J.

Cooper, S. V.; 2 minor children

Cooper, Susan L.; James R.

Coops, Johanne C.; Jonathan H.

Cope, L. L., Mrs., widow

Copeland, William L.; wife

Coppin, Estelle; Albert

Corbin, Francis B., married

Corbin, Geo. H.; wife

Corippo, Celestine; P.

Corley, Rhoda H.; Geo. A.

Corman, Claudia E.; Franklin P.

Cornelison, Frances (F-339; I-275)

Corria, Antone F.; wife, Heter, dec’d.; her minor children Geo. Robbins

Corrick, Mabel Ella; A. R.

Corry, Constance; Frederick J.

Corville, Maria; Emerson

Costello, Bridget M.; husband

Costello, Thomas; Rose; Stephen, Francis, minors; probate

Coster, Rilla; George

Costly, Anna; married

Coul, Annie C., married, head of family

Coulter, Joseph H., married

Coulter, Rachel M.; S. Y.

Coulter, Sterling T.; Rachel M.

Courtney, Patrick, single

Covet, Louis; Francise Josephine

Cowan, Joseph F.; wife

Cox, A. J.; aged mother; minors

Cox, Fathy A.; husband, Jordan (A-685; B-334)

Cox, Ida J.; N. H.

Cox, J. Bradford, married

Cozzens, Richard; wife

Crabtree, Melissa A.; head of family

Craig, Oliver W.; Sophia T. (F.); [(O. W., dec’d 8/4/1892, probate, (E-394)]; no children; probate

Craine, Eliza J., married

Craine, Thomas, married

Cralle, Nancy J.; L. J.

Cramer, D. R.; wife

Cramer, Fannie L.; John F.

Cramer, Henry D.; Anita; no children

Cramer, John; wife

Crandall, George N.; Amanda F.

Crane, Geo. L.; Harriet (C-576)

Crane, Harriet; husband, George L.

Crane, Joel; Jane E.

Crane, Josiah H., married

Crane, Tarleton Lee; wife, Mary (G-114)

Crawford, Adam, married (E-567; H-419)

Crawford, C. H.; Emma

Crawford, John; Julia

Crawford, Mary J.; husband, Thomas

Crayne, Margaret; Allen

Creagh, Michael; wife

Creighton,Thomas, married (E-39; E-550)

Crewdson, Angeline L.; G. F.

Crilly, Ellen F., widow

Crilly, N.; wife, Ellen

Crippen, Harriet M.; (Perry dec’d 12/23/1889; probate, D-520)

Crist, Mrs. W. K.; W. K.

Crist, Rhoda; Wm. (G-398)

Crist, Wm.; Rosana

Crocker, Harry B.; wife

Crocker, James, married

Crofs, J. D.; Sarah

Crosby, Archibald R.; Nettie D.

Crosby, J. C.; Sarah J.

Crose, John M., married

Crose, Mary; John M.

Crowell, Wm. H.; Jane

Crozier, George; Elma; Geo., 15; Leslie S., 13; Alice, 10;

  Olive, 6

Crystal, Carl; wife

Crystal, Elicia M.; B. F.

Cuicello, Frank L.; wife, Pearl J.; 3 minor children (K-375)

Cuicello, Rosalind; Manuel G.

Cummings, Caroline; husband, William; probate

Cummings, John; wife

Cummings, Mary J.; Eli R.

Cummings, Sarah; Harry W.

Cummings, Susan A.; J. S.

Cummins, Malinda B.; Thilson P.

Cummins, Martha Nina; Geo. A. (L-410)

Cunningham, Susan J.; John

Cunninghame, Alice O.; Wm. J. (Cunningham in notarization); (K-177)

Currier, Susan C.; children Maggie

Currier, William, widower (I-155)

Curry, Ellen W.; Patrick

Curry, John, Mrs.; John

Curry, Margaret; husband, John; her minor children; probate

Curti, Vincenzo; Santina

Curtis, Ezra M.; wife, Ellen M.

Curtiss, Thomas Edson; wife