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Don't miss our 28th annual Spring Seminar with Tom Jones

His lectures will be :

Maximizing Your Use of Evidence 

When researchers analyze and compare sources, they go far beyond what surface information tells them. The resulting evidence can solve simple and complex genealogical problems. Numerous examples will show participants how they can discover many layers of genealogical evidence and use it to advance their family histories.

Methods of Proving Parentage

Methods of establishing kinship vary from case to case, but are there patterns researchers can apply, especially to difficult cases? Focusing on strategies for proving parentage, the presenter will describe a unifying theoretical model and illustrate the options with examples from recent research.

When Sources Don’t Agree, Then What?

Attendees will learn why and how genealogical sources disagree and how to detect the “truth.” They also will learn three ways to resolve conflicting genealogical evidence and how to present the resolution in a polished genealogical product.

Turn a Name into a Life Story by Researching, Reasoning, and ‘Riting

A case study shows how to find and assemble information to establish a unique identity, resolve conflicts, uncover unrecorded events, and write a life story. Set in three New England states and New York, the case study follows research, reasoning, and writing stages to develop a life story.

In addition to these great presentations, we will also be selling our Used Books at great discounted prices. The lists of books are posted on our Members Only page and will be shown with the new prices during the breaks at the Seminar.

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