Micki Jones certainly reminded us that we need to take control of our photo memories – whether they are in magnetic page scrapbooks, a long forgotten USB drive, or piling up in our phone! You can download her Tip Sheet, and take a look at the services she offers on her Website. Join her Facebook page to follow what she is up to next.

Micki mentioned an interesting guide to help date some of our old Kodak pictures, using the printing on the back of the photograph. The article is available on the website of Gawain Weaver Art Conservation, which also includes a lot more great information about photographic conservation. The “backprint” guide is described as :

"This backprint chronology of Kodak color prints from 1942 to the present is part of a larger on-going research project into the understanding and technical analysis of chromogenic color photography. We are making this portion available now, as it can be very useful on its own for the dating of color prints." Backprint Chronology 

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